Ireland's Ancient East

5,000 years of Irish Heritage


When you explore Ireland’s Ancient East from the Boyne Valley on Ireland’s east coast through medieval Kilkenny down to the Viking City of Waterford, you will wander through 5,000 years of incredible history. In these lush, green lands, tales of feuding dynasties hide behind once magnificent architecture; ghostly ancient passage tombs pre-date the Egyptian pyramids; and knights, kings, monks and Vikings loom large in living stories. This is 5,000 years of history. This is Ireland’s Ancient East. Drogheda in the Boyne Valley is the birthplace of Ireland’s Ancient East and is the perfect place to kick-start your Irish adventure. You are invited to experience four themes throughout Ireland’s Ancient East:


Tales of Two Worlds



Castles & Conquests



Maritime Gateway



High Kings & Heroes



Sacred Ireland






The Sport of Kings



Ireland’s Mystical Waterway







With easy and fast access to Dublin – 30mins by motorway, Drogheda offers visitors the perfect base to explore and experience Ireland’s Ancient East. Wander through 5000 years of history in Ireland's Ancient East, where culture and heritage are rooted in the landscape.


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