The Boyne Valley

Surrounding the d Hotel

The Boyne Valley is the soul of Ireland’s Ancient East. Today this region is synonymous with the World Heritage Site of Newgrange and the tombs of the Brú na Bóinne. However, you can explore a wealth of heritage representing almost every period in Irish history. From the furthest reaches of our prehistoric past to ancient royal landscapes, through the dawn of Christianity in Ireland to great landed estates. The Boyne Valley truly is the perfect place to encounter the story of Ireland.

The Boyne Valley is situated in the east of Ireland, very convenient to Dublin and Belfast Airports and ports. It is at once Ireland’s ancient capital and it’s most sacred and mythical landscape. Its sites and monuments are amongst the best examples of their kind in Europe and are within a short distance from each other. Each of the sites below are located along the Boyne Valley Drive, a 225 km route and all within easy access from the d Hotel in Drogheda. For details of opening times and admission fees, please visit each individual website or

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